• Tor and I2P Relay @ - Tor and I2P are projects devoted to giving users a secure and untraceable way to use the internet. This is useful for knowledge seekers who live in countries that censor the internet (ie: China). It is also useful for whistle-blowers that want to report news to various sites.

  • No Frills Host - No Frills Host is a free static webhosting service I run. Each account gets 30Mb of FTP space and their own URL. Virtual hosting is also available so users that own domains can have those domains point at the site I host for free.


  • PaaS-like UserDir Static Content Webhost - Create your own ~username webhosting service where your users upload their content by committing to git repos.

  • style server creation scripts - Party like it's 1999. These ansible playbooks configure a server to be a shell host. Your users will be able to SSH in, build software, learn linux, create static ~username webpages and network with other folks on your server by sending private emails or chatting on the internal IRC server.

  • Tech Quick Starts - Documented high level steps needed to get a technology up and running in a POC like environment so that you can learn more about it.

  • Ansible Roles - Collection of ansible roles to setup services on a server or do other useful things. Easily Setup: an OpenSSL CA, automatic updates, fail2ban SSH protection, an OpenVPN server, a webdav server, a FTP server, Jenkins, Tomcat, MySQL, etc.

  • Old Junk - A collection of documentation, shell scripts, PHP scripts, python scripts, powershell scripts, etc that I wrote long ago to meet business needs or learning desires I had at the time. I treat this as a graveyard and suggest you do the same. I keep it around just in case somebody finds something useful in it.